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APHSA is a bipartisan national membership association representing the cabinet-level leadership of state and local health and human services agencies, and the subject matter experts that help execute their mission to improve outcomes for people nationwide. Building on our long-standing relationships across the human services field and direct connection to the in-depth knowledge of leaders who administer them, we focus on generating pragmatic, community-wide solutions that advance well-being.

APHSA’s members are experts in administering, overseeing, and aligning programs that build resilience and bolster family well-being through access to food, health care, employment, child care, and other key building blocks. Our members are also leading experts in performance measurement and data analysis, health and human services IT systems, workforce development and training, and the legal dimensions of the field.

We share a common vision: a nation of thriving communities built on human potential.

Well-being for all Americans is built from the ground up, through the daily work of our members and their workforces who are dedicated to public service and the common good.

Our mission articulates how we, in partnership with our members, are working toward that common vision.

We advance well-being by:

  • influencing modern approaches to sound policy,

  • building the capacity of public agencies to enable healthy families and communities, and

  • connecting leaders to accelerate learning and generate practical solutions together.


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Virtual Mini-Series of Health and Human Services Collective Learning

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